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Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise for Your Heart


Exercise can do wonders to your health. It can cure diseases that may pose a threat to your wellness such as heart diseases. It can help you in preventing or even in recovering from certain cancers. If you have arthritis, exercise also improves mobility of your bones and joints. What is even more amazing is that it also improves recovery from and prevents depression.

Exercise and Weight Loss

There is no question to how exercise makes people like you who are weight-conscious lose some pounds. The catch is if you want to benefit from exercise you must keep moving and stay active. However, this does not mean that you need to spend hours in the gym but rather you can enjoy the health benefits from exercise just by increasing your level of activity.

If you increase your physical acitivity, this may allow you to lose weight and feel better. This is according to heart specialists. This is why you are encouraged by your cardiologist to do walking instead of taking a cab to travel short distances.

How Much Exercise is Recommended?

For your heart’s health, it is recommended that you take 30 minutes of moderate physical activity. Examples of this is walking that can be done several times a week. If you don’t have time to do this, moving around for ten minutes can make changes to your body. You just have to go out of your usual sedentary and less active lifestyle. Lifestyle modification is what you call it.

Ways on How to Keep Up with Modifying Your Lifestyle Through Exercise

Count your pulse or heart rate. This is a way for you to measure the degree or intensity of exercise. This must serve as a baseline or target when you are increasing your level of activity. For example, if you want to perform physical activity within moderate intensity, your target must be fifty up to seventy percent of your maximum pulse rate.

Seek for the Expert’s Advice

The first thing to do when you plan to join a fitness program is to seek for your doctor’s advice. Remember that there are certain restrictions with activity if you have cardiac illnesses or a history of heart attack. Men at 45 and women at 55 or older need to have a clinic visit before planning to join an exercise program. So see your cardiologist before you work your way to fitness. The good news is, whatever your health condition is, there are still exercises that will fit you.

Set Your Goal

After being assessed, it’s time to set an aim for you to have a direction with your fitness plan. If you want to lose 1 pound in a week, you must know how long you must stay in the gym or walk around the park and how many times you must do it in a week. However, it is vital that you do exercise on a gradual pace. You don’t want to overwork your heart with abrupt changes in physical activity.

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