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New Sonoma Diet

New Sonoma Diet: Another Ideal Mediterranean Treat


Ideas about weight loss as well as health maintenance had extended powerfully throughout the globe. Definitely, this is due to the increasing demand for more weight loss help coming from experts and specialists. More and more people are having problems when it comes to weight loss as well as obesity issues. You cannot rebuke that they are just doing this for nothing. Many people are truly dedicated for a change and they really want to protect themselves from diseases, especially heart diseases. Of course, there would still be caring experts that made it possible to support more people at a time.

There are more and more names being included on the list of ideal diets. If you want to know one, then you could try researching about New Sonoma diet. This diet is among the young names in the list of diets. Despite its not tool old history, there would still be reviews that could support how effective this diet. This is also developed by a specialist. This is the great diet offering of Connie Guttersen, which is a dietitian. The name of the New Sonoma diet roots from the region of Northern California. This is actually one of the best Mediterranean diets available. This is a sub-diet plan as inspired by the most popular Mediterranean diet plan.  This diet plan is inspired by the way of eating by Coastal California people. The foods would include lush of flavors as well as simplicity. This would be helpful in losing weight without giving up your indulgent over foods that are very flavorful and mouthwatering.

Here are more things about New Sonoma diet:

  • Its Three Waves

This diet would include its three wave diet plan. On the first ten days or the first wave, expect that there would be a restrictive diet for you. You would be restricted against your unhealthy indulges for fatty and sugary foods. Moreover, it would recalibrate your body. The second wave would somehow be very important since it is the core of New Sonoma diet. This would actually take place until you reach your target weight. There would portioning of foods in meals and there would be no calorie counting. Lastly, the last wave would somehow be for maintenance and management. You would still continue eating Sonoma diet meals as well as some treats like desserts.

  • Its Power Foods

There are specific foods that New Sonoma diet considers to be power foods. These foods would include tomatoes, almonds, broccoli, grapes, spinach, whole grains, and olive oil among others.

  • Its Main Concern

This diet is not actually prohibiting eating your favorite foods. There would be no avoidance just moderation in anything and portioned eating. Moreover, the plans would help you enjoy all nutritional foods in diverse flavors at their right amounts.

New Sonoma diet is certainly interesting and would certainly be another Mediterranean trademark. It is just very protective of your mind, heart, and overall body wellness. It gives enjoyment despite the changes you are about to go through.

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