How Dental Implants Can Help Boost Self Confidence And Your Looks

Dental restorative treatments have today become an absolute necessity for a lot of people with missing or broken natural teeth. However, despite the advancements and improvements in dental care, millions of people are still afflicted by tooth decay and gum disease. A few decades ago, if you lost a tooth, your choices were limited to removable dentures and fixed bridges. These two options had their downsides, which could be very significant. Fixed bridges, for instance, relies on other natural teeth for anchorage and can cause them to decay. Removable dentures, on the other hand, can slip, limit the number of foods you can eat, as well as cause embarrassing clicking sounds. 

With the advancement of dental care today, dentists no longer rely on fixed bridges or dentures to treat missing or broken teeth. Dental implants today serve as replacement teeth roots, which make your artificial teeth look and feel natural. They are usually embedded into the jawbone as a tooth root replacement, providing a strong and firm foundation on which permanent or removable teeth can be fixed to replace existing natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are numerous benefits associated with dental implants. Here are a few of them;

1. Resembles Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants usually come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Your dental surgeon will closely work with you to create a dental implant that fits perfectly in the gap left by the missing tooth. The implant will also be designed in a way that it matches the color of your remaining natural teeth. In fact, one else except you and your dentist will be able to tell which teeth are natural and which are implants.

2. No Change in Your Face Shape 

Your facial structure is supported by your teeth. When you lose some teeth, you tend to lose that support, which will cause the shape of your face to change, making you look older. Dental implants act like natural teeth to provide support for your face, maintaining it’s shape. 

3. Enables Natural Speech

Some dental replacement options such as dentures, can affect your ability to pronounce some words correctly. Having missing teeth can as well change your speech. Since dental implants function and feel like natural teeth, they restore you ability speak naturally.

These are some of the benefits of dental implants. If you’re looking for quality dental implants, Centre Dentaire Aoude is there for you. We provide professional and affordable dental services that are customized according to your needs. Visit today to book an appointment.…