The Benefits Of Caring For Your Spine

Commonly people do not pay attention to the care of the spine over the years, we can undergo any type of revision, eyes, teeth, among others, but at no time we worry about our spine. We neglect something as minimal as using suitcases, bags and even the way to collect anything from the ground that can damage this valuable vital organ, which although it seems incredible, controls most of the functioning of our body, so its good care will prevent several diseases and will bring us excellent improvements for the development of our lives, in you can see a variety of treatments for improving the spine in case of injury.

And we can ask ourselves why does this organ influence so much in the development of a healthy body? The answer is simple, because of its direct connection to the nervous system. For example, it provides attachment points for the muscles of the back and for the ribs where the vertebral discs have the function of absorbing the impacts during any exercised activity, such as running, jumping, walking, among others, allowing extension and flexion.

We can visualize the nervous system that consists of the brain, spine, and nerves, as a highway full of traffic, if there is an accident that would happen? If an accident occurs in the spine the flow of information leading to the brain will be altered forming traffic jams, the information will take longer to arrive and will create chaos. If this happens the body can continue to function, clearly with greater difficulty, being less efficient, but as time goes by it will be worse and the quality of life will be reduced.

This is why it is so very important to take proper care of our spine, as the care of it will improve our health in many ways, for example, good care will bring an improvement in painful symptoms, in the body’s immunity because it will have greater resistance to colds and other infections so that somehow prevents several diseases. It also improves the quality of sleep and thus rests. And not everything stays there, a healthy spine improves the sex life of both women and men, influencing the mood and reducing stress.

There are several activities that can help strengthen the spine, here we will give some recommendations, which although they seem simple, will help you improve the condition of your spine:

  • Exercise your back regularly: walking, swimming, cycling are excellent exercises to strengthen your back muscles.
  • When you lift something, you should bend your knees or hips, never your back.
  • When having to drive long distances, it is advisable to first adjust the saddle and thus avoid unnecessary efforts to reach