What You Need to Know about Multi-Level Disc Replacement

Disc replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces a damaged spinal disc with an artificial one. This procedure can be performed in the neck, spine, or abdomen. This surgery can reduce pain, improve mobility, and increase quality of life.

Disc replacement is a less invasive procedure than spinal fusion and has a less risk of infection. However, the recovery time varies from patient to patient. Most patients will spend a day or two in the hospital and then complete a few weeks of rehabilitation activities at home. Depending on the severity of the back pain, some patients may return to moderate lifting and light work duties 3 months after the surgery.

Multi-level disc replacement is a great option for patients who have chronic back and neck pain. This surgery is less invasive than spinal fusion, and it preserves the motion of the spinal bones. This procedure can also help patients who have herniated discs, spinal bone spurs, spinal nerve impingement, and spinal cord compression.

To determine whether you are a good candidate for disc replacement, you need to speak with a highly qualified spinal surgeon. The surgeon will take into consideration your symptoms and will make a decision based on your unique case. It is also important to seek second opinions. Many reputable surgeons do not feel threatened by second opinions and will provide a thorough consultation to help you decide if you are a good candidate for disc replacement.

A patient with axial, retrovertebral, or major spondylosis may not be a good candidate for disc replacement. The surgeon will also need to consider your bone quality and the degree of preoperative instability. Patients with kyphotic deformity may also not be a good candidate for disc replacement. In addition, patients who have been diagnosed with cancer in their spine may also not be a good candidate for multi-level disc replacement.

In addition to being a qualified candidate, patients should also have a high level of physical fitness. Those who do not have a good back or neck strength should avoid heavy lifting and impact sports. It is also important to make sure that the surgeon does not approach the nerves during the procedure. During the surgery, the doctor will make sure to reach the spinal discs without touching the nerves.

The ProDisc L is a device that uses a polymeric core and metallic endplates. The ProDisc has a ball and socket design, which allow for stability and physiological range of motion. The device is also low profile. The ProDisc is approved for a variety of patients and has been the most widely studied artificial disc system in the world. It is only approved for use in the summer of 2022.…

Why you Might Want to Plan a Cremation Service

When it comes to honoring a loved one, there are many options for memorial services and burial. One option is planning a cremation service. Even though it may seem like a difficult decision, planning a cremation service can be an excellent way to honor the memory of your loved one in a meaningful and dignified manner.

Cremation services offer several benefits that may make them a more attractive option than traditional burial services. Here are a few of the advantages that cremation services can provide:

1. Allow families to honor the deceased in a more personal way.

Planning a cremation service allows families to honor their loved ones in an intimate setting that reflects their unique personalities. Cremation allows you to choose from various commemoration options, such as traditional funerals, memorial services, or even scattering the ashes in a meaningful location for your loved one.

2. Cost effective.

In comparison to traditional burial services, cremation is a much more cost-effective option. It eliminates the need for expensive caskets, headstones, and cemetery plot fees. Additionally, most states allow families to keep their loved one’s remains in an urn or other container at home instead of purchasing a grave marker or monument.

3. Environmentally friendly.

Cremation is a more environmentally friendly option for honoring the memory of your loved one. Cremation does not require embalming fluids or formaldehyde, both of which can be toxic to the environment. By opting for cremation, you can lower your carbon footprint and help protect our planet from pollutants.

4. It is a simple and straightforward way to honor the wishes of your loved one.

With cremation, families have the freedom to create a unique service that is tailored to their loved one’s wishes. It also allows you to take the time and effort to memorialize their life meaningfully. You can choose the type of service or memorial you would like and determine who will be involved and what elements will be included.

5. Flexibility in a final resting place.

Cremation also offers greater flexibility when it comes to your loved one’s final resting place. When you choose cremation, their ashes can be scattered or buried in a meaningful place, such as a beloved spot in nature, a favorite vacation spot, or even in their own backyard. This allows you to customize the final resting place according to your preferences and what would have been meaningful to your loved one.

For these reasons, planning a cremation service can be a great way to honor the memory of your loved one. If you’re interested in planning a cremation service and looking for a reliable provider, we are here to help. Visit our website arlingtoncremationservices.com to learn more about …

How To Find Legal Cannabis Dispensary Near You

If you have been prescribed by your doctor to use medical cannabis, you would have to find a dispensary in Maywood CA. When you are looking to get cannabis for medical reasons, you must buy an authentic product only. If you buy the wrong product, you may not see any positive effect on your body. On the contrary, it may have an adverse effect on you. Therefore, it is necessary to find the right cannabis dispensary near your place.

The growing popularity of medical cannabis has led to an increase in the number of a cannabis dispensary in Maywood, CA. When you are out looking for a dispensary to buy from, you might have a difficult time making a choice. Your confusion should not lead you to visit any random dispensary but you should find a reliable dispensary in Maywood CA. When you make a little effort for the searching job, you will be able to reap great benefits out of it.

Moving forward with finding a reliable dispensary in your locality or city, you should find out about the most talked-about medical cannabis dispensary. If a dispensary is reputed, it is very likely that they offer excellent products at great prices. You should personally contact or visit the dispensary to find out more about them. Make sure to check out the available cannabis at their place and ask for their potencies. If you are looking for a quality product, you should buy a potent one that will work wonders for you. When you are looking to buy highly potent cannabis for your medical use, you must know that you would have to pay an appropriate price for the same. To know more about them, you should consider asking them a few questions like where they grow their cannabis and also ask about their strains. It is very likely that they are licensed and certified to sell medical cannabis. If you are looking to buy from them, you would have to present a document as proof that you have been prescribed by the doctor to use cannabis for medical reasons.

If you are unsure about buying from a particular dispensary in Maywood CA, you can check out other popular options. When you have a few options available, you will be able to make a choice better. A good idea is to take some samples from a number of dispensaries and compare their quality. Finally, make a choice with the one you like the most.…

What Is The Best Pet Food for Your Dog?

Nutritionally, dogs have come a long way. Indeed, the concept of specialized food for our canine companions is relatively new—as recently as a half-century ago, many dogs were simply fed table scraps.

Times have definitely changed, though. . These days, dog owners have their choice when it comes to things like grain-free kibble, diets that are supposedly based on science, breed-specific foods, weight-control options, foods designed for senior dogs, and on and on.

So how do you choose the dog food for your dog? Fortunately, there are some common sense guidelines you can use, and what follows is a brief overview of a few of them.

Start with the basics. There are plenty of good resources available when it comes to finding a quality dog food, and you should avail yourself of the best of them.

A site like dogfoodadvisor.com is a good example of a site that can help. The person who started this site was passionate about exposing some of the more horrific aspects of the dog food industry, and as a result the site now offers a starred rating system that can be incredibly useful.

Simply put, any five-star food you find on this site will be a quality food. But you shouldn’t stop there—some dogs may not handle even a top-quality food well, so you might need to do some experiments to find the one that keeps your dog the healthiest.

That’s where reviews come in especially handy. Everyone’s different, but if you start tracking and comparing individual reviews you’ll probably start seeing patterns that will pertain to your situation and your dog.

If you own a Golden retriever, for instance, you may find certain foods coming up with consistently positive reviews, so you should at least consider trying one of these brands.

Also, be sure to carefully check out the ingredients. You’re looking for high-quality meat protein, the possible addition of vegetables and fruits, and the presence of omega fatty acids for overall health and a shiny coat.

Be sure to avoid additives and fillers that can be harmful to your dog. If you see an ingredients list full of chemical additives and things like soy, corn and wheat, be aware that that might not be the best food for your dog.

Above all, watch your dog’s reaction when you choose the best dog food. If your dog consistently has an upset stomach, loose stool or other diet-related issues, be willing to make the change. You’ll be glad you did.…

How To Find The Best Watches For Men

 Watch is one of the crucial accessories in a man’s wardrobe if worn with the ideal clothing. However, it can only be good if it satisfies the needs of a person in terms of functionality and personal tastes. Finding the watch that will serve these needs is daunting and more so when it is an expensive one. So, how can you choose the most expensive mens watches from the many watches out there and avoid being cheated? Below are some tips to help make an informed choice when buying an expensive watch for yourself or that special man in your life. 


Watches come in a wide range of styles. Therefore, you should take note of the style of watching you are looking to buy. The best most expensive mens watches should match the type of clothing you will be wearing. The shape, color, size, and design are some of the aspects to consider when considering the style of the expensive watch you will choose. 


How will the watch you are prospecting to buy will be used? This is important to consider because how the watch will be used will determine its durability. Besides, the occasions the watch is meant for will also determine the style of the watch you will go with. If the watch is to used daily, you must choose one made using strong materials to ensure it serves you for long. 


What features does your chosen expensive men’s watch offer? The features of a watch will determine its functionality to a great extent. Check the features of the watch in terms of the dials, back lights, altimeters, and control among others. The features you have in a watch the more functionalities you will get out of the watch. For example, if the watch has background lighting, it will enable you to use your watch effectively, even in the dark. However, don’t go for a watch with too many functionalities that you don’t even need. 

Choosing the most expensive mens watches will take more than a random decision. The amount you are willing to spend means you will not wake up one day and pick a random watch. You need to consider the style, usage, and the features the watch is offering to ensure it meets your needs and also justifies its worth. Trueclassictees can be the best place to find an expensive mens’ watch that will worth your money and achieve your wardrobe desires. …

Thoughts About the Future of Mobile App Development

The real question is how will mobile apps evolve in the future.  Will they phase out eventually?  I think not.  We are just now starting to understand the power of these apps and the future looks bright.

My wife is pregnant and recently downloaded an app that allows you to hear the babies heartbeat.  It’s no ultrasound but the idea is pretty amazing considering just 10 years ago we weren’t even texting and all had flip phones.  This app basically just listens through the microphone for pulses coming through her belly.  It really had a profound impact on me and starting thinking about all the health apps that benefit people nowadays.  In the future a lot of health related issues will be able to be tracked via apps on your phone.  No need for expensive gear or frequent trips to the hospital to check up on whatever issues you might be having.  People will simply be able to open their phone and find out their blood pressure, heart beat and sugar levels.  It’s going to be an amazing time to be alive.

Apps are already playing a huge role in travel from mapping for gps, to language related apps that help you speak or understand foreign languages.  It’s pretty amazing that we are able to never look at another map the rest of our lives or get lost because of the simple map app that comes pre installed in all our phones.  I haven’t been lost in a really long time.  If I lost my phone I’m not sure I’d even be able to get home at this point.  It’s all pretty surreal living in a time where everything is available to us at the tips of our fingers.  Sean from Onyx LA a branding company says that app development is at an all time high in terms of demand on putting new apps out for companies.  Travis from Textedly, an SMS marketing company says that our phones are an extension of our body and will become more powerful than ever in the years to come.

Without the phone we have no app, but without the app we have no gateway into this crazy tech world we currently live in.  I’m excited about the landscape of things to come and look forward to watching these new amazing apps evolve and help our lives in positive ways.…

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Are Better Than Cash

Christmas is a time for giving and nothing says am thinking about you more than sending them that unique gift. Catch them unawares by using these gift ideas and put a smile in their face as they usher in the New year.

A book
You can never go wrong when you buy a loved one a book for Christmas. Other than building their library and broadening their knowledge, a book can represent a personalized gift. However, be sure to choose a book that matches the festivities of the season like a book on relationship, love, or motivation. You can shop at a local bookshop or buy one from online stores like Amazon and also buy from review sites like Review Parlor and surprise your loved ones.

Marine Cameras
If your loved one’s love traveling and are fascinated by marine life, then a marine camera is a perfect gift for them. Such camera’s come in different forms and can be used for a range of purposes like fishing or for research purposes. At tadibrothers.com, you can the best that the market has to offer; high quality, durable and at a ridiculously affordable price. For as low as 150 dollars, you can surprise your loved ones with a gift that will stick in their memory for a long time and you don’t need about delivery since they offer free fast and reliable shipping for all products.

60 hour candle
Nothing sets the Christmas mood more than this amazing gift. In fact, it is one of the gift ideas that keeps giving and by giving your loved ones; you can be in their minds for the entire hour. Brighten their homes and create the ambiance of Christmas with this candle for just about 30 dollars from any leading store or online stores.

Pressure cooker/slow cooker
Any electronic device can make a good Christmas gift but this unique product beats them all. Other than its advantages such as affordability, durability and energy efficient, economical in terms of space, its unique design makes it a perfect gift. For just about 100 dollars, you can ensure that they cook their meals slowly or fast as the need arises.

Learn to fly lessons
One of the best thing about investing in experience is that you can never put a price on it. Giving someone special a flying experience is a memory that you two will share for many years. What’s more, you can use one the unique camera’s from tadibrothers.com to capture such beautiful moments. Thus, take them on that flying lesson that they have been dreaming about and brighten their Christmas.

Thus, this Christmas season; make your loved ones feel special by using these gift …