Which Eyeshadow Will Complement Your Eye Color Best?

Beauty through applying cosmetics has been a part of human civilization for more than a millennia. We all know that it’s not going to end any time soon, so if you’re into the latest trends, you might be interested in practicing the highly intricate modern processes of applying your eyeshadow. Finding your best look with eyeshadow palettes takes experimentation and research, and this article aims to help guide you through the beginning steps of your journey.

Start Simple and Affordable

Finding a decent palette you can experiment with does not have to cost an arm and a leg like many of us tend to think. Low-cost options range from simply buying cheap drug store eyeshadows to searching for dupes of popular high-end brands.

Eyeshadow Type Matters Too

There are a few different kinds of eyeshadow formulas and picking the one that works best with your look is an important part of finding the style you want to go with. The most popular shadow is powder, applied with makeup brushes or sponges. Powders are easy to blend and are versatile for many looks.

If you’re looking for more natural ingredients, you will want to go with mineral powder shadows. Be aware that although a brand may claim it does not contain preservatives or fragrances, always check the ingredients list and research ingredient terms. Mineral powders are applied using non-static applicator brushes, and both mineral and powder formulas are ideal for coverage.

Cream shadows are thick, ideal for long-lasting bold looks with deep colors that pop.

Pencil eye shadows are just like pencil eyeliners, except it has a thicker tip. Pencils are best for touch-ups or just a quick, simple look.

It’s All About the Eyes and Complexion

Even with dramatic looks you still want to have a shadow that compliments your eye color and skin complexion to pull everything together. Finding a palette that can complement your skin is especially important for natural looks. You also need to decide if you want to enhance and brighten your eye color or compliment it with a more simple look. For example, blue eyes can be enhanced with cool tones for blues, silvers, and turquoise.

Putting It All Together

As you can see, you can choose a variety of eyeshadow palettes without breaking the bank. This period of experimentation is important as you choose which kind of eye shadow you’d like to use for your look and which colors best accentuate your eyes and skin. Remember, starting with cheaper products gives you the insight to move into more expensive brands.

Once you find your base tone, you can choose palettes that match your base and maintain the look you’ve chosen. Research which color tones work best with your skin and eye color. There are many beauty gurus available on websites like YouTube that are sure to give you inspiration. With a bit of know-how and practice, the results will be beautiful.