The Solution To Connecting With & Marketing To Millennials

Technology is revolutionizing virtually every aspect of our world. The internet alone has transformed how we work, play and even buy products. Nowhere is this more the case than with the generation that is now coming into adulthood.


These young people, often known as Generation Z, were elementary and middle school students when the recession of 2008 rocked their parents’ world. Like their forbears who had experienced the traumas brought about by the Great Depression, Gen Z-ers were irrevocably marked by the lessons their moms and dads learned. Many, for instance, are resolving to never let themselves fall into the level of debt their families were sucked into. Consequently, they have begun to reject the conventional career ladder that has been rigidly adhered to for centuries. No longer are many in this cohort interested in a long and expensive educational road followed by a grueling climb up the corporate ladder. Instead, they are forging their own paths and pursuing their passions. If you want proof, just watch entrepreneur and Los Angeles-based musician Nick Gross on Youtube to hear how he and several other trend-setters are helping these modern career pioneers to discover their niche.


The example of Nick Gross illustrates the reach and influence of the internet and the social media sites that are some of its most popular destinations for this generation. Gen Z-ers are also harnessing spots like Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest when they wish to purchase products and services. Perhaps it is the egalitarianism of sites such as these that have led to their great popularity. No matter how unknown a person might be, they have the same opportunity as does a major celebrity to chime in on a topic, review a product or like a page or photo. Since many popular celebrities have active presences on social media, fans can see what these stars are thinking about and buying. As a result, they are frequently motivated to follow in their footsteps. That is how videos go viral and trends take off like rockets.


Savvy merchants now recognize that Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and other sites are constantly on the radar of Generation Z, and they are learning to make the most of the phenomenon. For starters, merchants are establishing their own unique and dynamic social media pages. These days, it’s just as important to update your Instagram feed as it is to run sales reports. Business owners are also making sure to encourage loyal customers to post reviews, photos and testimonials. Often, they incentivize patrons to refer others to their page and online or physical store by giving them coupons or other rewards. Another increasingly utilized marketing strategy is to contact an online influencer who is popular with the merchant’s customer base and ask them to review a product or service on their page. Businesses usually need to pay for this privilege, but because these influencers hold such sway with their followers, the financial outlay often pays for itself many times over.

The members of Generation Z are still young. Their future remains unwritten. However, one prediction you can take to the bank is that these men and women will continue to embrace technology as they forge their own paths to success.